A day in the life of: a Trader

In our third episode in this series we meet Neil Joseph, EMEA Head of Equity Trading, during a typical day at the trading desk in J. P. Morgan Asset Management's London offices.


Neil Joseph has been on the trading desk since 2010 and at J. P. Morgan for 17  years, but in 2019 what are the day-to-day realities for traders? We got the chance to join Neil in the office for a day to find out more about the true variety and depth offered by the role.

Neil Joseph, Executive Director, is European Head of Equity Trading for J.P. Morgan Asset Management. An employee since 2002, Neil was previously responsible for the Equities Program Trading Team. Prior to joining the Trading Desk in 2010, Neil led the Trading Technology Team having initially worked within Investment Banking Technology. Neil obtained a BSc (Hons) in Business Computing, was listed in the Financial News 40 under 40 Rising Stars in Trading and Technology (2012) and was the Co-chair of the FPL EMEA Regional Committee 2012-2014

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