Elevator Pitch: Callum Abbot

Callum Abbot, portfolio manager of JPM UK Equity Plus Fund, takes on the Elevator Pitch challenge.

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Jan 05, 2018

In the third video of our Elevator Pitch series, Callum Abbot gives us some of the top facts about the JPM UK Equity Plus Fund.

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  • Hi, my name's Callum Abbot. 00:03
  • I'm a Fund Manager on the international equity group at J.P. Morgan. 00:05
  • I'm a UK specialist, 00:08
  • and on our team we use a behavioural finance process 00:10
  • when we're investing. 00:13
  • An interesting fact about me is, 00:15
  • well I'm really passionate about rugby, 00:16
  • and that's taken me to a few different places, 00:19
  • be it on rugby tours, 00:21
  • but also, I think the best rugby experience I had 00:22
  • was when I went to Fiji and I coached schools there for eight weeks. 00:25
  • It was amazing to be in that environment, 00:29
  • and in a country where rugby is so passionately played. 00:31
  • The objective of our fund, the UK Equity Plus Fund, 00:34
  • is to outperform the FTSE All-Share 00:37
  • and it attempts to do this by using an active-extension structure. 00:40
  • Where that differs from a long-only fund 00:43
  • is by using an element of shorting, 00:45
  • which we then reinvest into our best ideas. 00:47
  • And so the manager has considerably more exposure 00:50
  • to their best ideas, be it attractive stocks, 00:54
  • but also, through that shorting element, 00:56
  • those unattractive stocks. 00:58
  • But the reason you should consider J.P. Morgan's UK Equity Plus Fund, 01:00
  • is because of that active-extension structure 01:04
  • and because of our behavioural finance process, 01:06
  • where over history, we've been able to identify those stocks that are 01:08
  • likely to outperform, 01:12
  • as well as those stocks that are likely to underperform. 01:13
  • And through that element of shorting 01:15
  • and reinvesting that capital into our best ideas, 01:17
  • you can really make the most of that kind of process. 01:20
  • And so that's where this fund differentiates itself 01:23
  • and stands out for us. 01:25
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