Elevator Pitch: James Illsley

James Illsley, portfolio manager of JPM UK Equity Core Fund, takes on the Elevator Pitch challenge.

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Aug 05, 2017

In this first video of our Elevator Pitch series, James Illsley gives us some of the top facts about the JPM UK Equity Core Fund.

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JPM UK Equity Core Fund
  • Hello. My name is James Illsley. 00:03
  • I'm the manager of the JPM UK Equity Core Fund. 00:05
  • One of my hobbies is photography. 00:08
  • I think photography is very much like fund management. 00:11
  • It's a game of patience. 00:13
  • I was trying to take some photos of leopards 00:14
  • and it was a full day job to get that winning photograph. 00:17
  • So when I come to fund management, and when I see clients, 00:20
  • I think about that patience. 00:23
  • And the UK Equity Core Fund is one that does reward patience. 00:24
  • It's a low-risk, actively managed fund 00:29
  • that really seeks to focus on value, quality and momentum at the stock level. 00:31
  • What makes this fund different 00:36
  • is that since we launched it in March 2009 00:38
  • we've never underperformed on a three-year rolling time period. 00:41
  • Why clients are buying this fund is because of that core objective. 00:45
  • It's a fund that they can build a portfolio of other funds around, 00:48
  • and this one will be there as a foundation, as a bedrock 00:52
  • for that long-term holding, 00:55
  • delivering that consistent, incremental year-on-year performance 00:56
  • that we've delivered since launch. 01:00
  • Another key selling point of the fund is that focus on stock selection. 01:02
  • What does that mean for us? 01:06
  • We're trying to find stocks that are better value, 01:08
  • better quality, and better momentum than the market. 01:10
  • And we ensure that the bulk of the risk is at the stock level. 01:13
  • We don't take much macroeconomic or political risk within the fund. 01:17
  • We want that stock risk to come through 01:22
  • and not be blown off course by volatile economic and political events. 01:24
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