Elevator Pitch: Ben Stapley

Ben Stapley, portfolio manager of the JPM UK Equity Growth Fund, takes on the Elevator Pitch challenge.

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Apr 10, 2018

In the fifth video of our Elevator Pitch series, Ben Stapley gives us some of the top facts about the JPM UK Equity Growth Fund. 

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  • My name is Ben Stapley 00:03
  • and I manage the J.P. Morgan UK Equity Growth Fund, 00:05
  • where our focus is on high quality UK growth companies. 00:09
  • I have been with J.P. Morgan since the start of my career 00:13
  • 16 years ago. 00:16
  • In my spare time I like to support my local football team, 00:17
  • where my family and I have held the same seats 00:21
  • for almost 30 years. 00:23
  • The ups and downs of being a sports fan 00:25
  • has certainly given me some valuable insights for my day job. 00:27
  • One of those insights is that successful sport teams 00:31
  • are much like high quality companies. 00:34
  • They produce a product that is better than the competition 00:36
  • and they are able to successfully defend their advantage. 00:39
  • The most rewarding time to be a supporter 00:42
  • is when you only have modest expectations of success 00:45
  • and you start to see evidence of positive change. 00:48
  • And that’s exactly the approach we take in the UK Equity Growth Fund. 00:51
  • We invest in high quality companies 00:56
  • that are delivering results ahead of expectations, 00:58
  • when the growth coming through is largely unanticipated by the market. 01:02
  • Our focus on new unanticipated sources of growth 01:08
  • means we typically have exposure to differentiated areas of the market 01:11
  • compared to traditional growth strategies. 01:15
  • Finally, you should consider the fund because of our established track record 01:18
  • having launched our first growth strategy back in 2000. 01:22
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